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Ice cream

In the cold summer, we despair, what's in the weather. In hot weather, we sweat again and we are very warm. It's just that the weather doesn't take us any more, whether it's such a poppy. When it's cold, we put on a warm tea and don't play hot soup. Cold fruit soup, ice drink, ice cream and ice creams will freshe us up in too much heat.
Ice cream

Those are usually so much to choose from, that a while you have to think about which kinds of ice creams you give. It's easy for a scoop, so you'll get as many cups as you want. You can solve this with the scramed.
Ice-cream parties

Who has the time to sit in a pastry shop and is a little gourmet, let him order a cup with fruit, whipped cream, icing, with a dip, with roasted nuts or almonds. But the list of all options from the world of ice cream is far from finite. Go there and see for yourself.

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