The Book of Spomienok

Niekedy I call, the cache I see around Seba tie a pregnant woman that would som sa at a moment returned to the time Kedy som on that bola similar. Najviac SA stretávam with them on the checks at Moit. Go to teraz, Ako som had to climb the road to KOPCA before Som came to budove, where Mala moja gynecician ordináciu. At least SOM had some riadny movement, but the Bola som is still poriadne. Neskôr Som already went to the hospital for a risk counseling, pretothe som chakala twin.
Veľká Purchases
I mean, the equipment had to be in the double-lead, except for the tub and the basket. Bola's radosť and starosť at the same time. The husband and wife of the start of the beginning in shock, but Nakoniec SA started the power of the tešiť, the main thing is that the boys. Dlho som select AJ prebaľovacie counters. They used to tie me a simple and easy to read, the purchases, the Dread Priestor pre-punches, oilers, cotton swabs and creams. It was also practical, but boli again about Niečo Drahšie. It was very convenient for me to go to the counter from one of the mothers, to the other. Today the boys of Uber themselves walk and gradually we get rid of Plienok.

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