The preparation that we offer you to improve your period called klimacterium, have developed laboratories that have been engaged in the long term, examining the influence of plants on the human organism. After many experiments and trials, they managed to find plants, some of which even come from South America, which contain high amounts of phytohormones, which have similar effects to those of the female hormones that begin to miss in the Climakteria period.


Indigenous women in South America have been using these plants for centuries and have preceded the ageing of the Climacteria period. They do not have the common manifestations that the climacterium brings, and they can affly not only you, but also your surroundings. Some of these plants can be found on our own meadows and groves. These are, for example, red clover, fruit, Hawthorn and especially the Peruvian Uranus.

Herbal Therapy Above all

Come on with us and your klimacterium has no chance.

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