The preparation that we offer you to improve your period called klimacterium, have developed laboratories that have been engaged in the long term, examining the influence of plants on the human organism. After many experiments and trials, they managed to find plants, some of which even come from South America, which contain high amounts of phytohormones, which have similar effects to those of the female hormones that begin to miss in the Climakteria period.


Indigenous women in South America have been using these plants for centuries and have preceded the ageing of the Climacteria period. They do not have the common manifestations that the climacterium brings, and they can affly not only you, but also your surroundings. Some of these plants can be found on our own meadows and groves. These are, for example, red clover, fruit, Hawthorn and especially the Peruvian Uranus.

Herbal Therapy Above all

Come on with us and your klimacterium has no chance.

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Mácha Lake Chalets

Knowing his native homeland means having it traveled from north to south and from west to east. On your travels, you came across a few places where would you like to come back? One of these places includes the famous Mácha lake? Mácha's lake huts attract to visit!
And when we are so attracted, we should not neglect this call. We should hear him out! You want to visit a place that is like the summer fun of every kind! Mácha's Lake chalets are directly offered in order to have our dream holiday live with the Macha Lake.
Close to water, culture and nature!
Moreover, we do not find many places where we should suddenly be close to water, nature and cultural activities. One of these rare places is definitely Mácha Lake. Mácha's lake huts will be a great choice! Why Ride for a dragon to the sea when in our Republic is so beautiful?

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Looking over them you will enjoy

You've finally embarked on it! The long-awaited reconstruction of your house began. It was time! The plastic windows add a modern look to your restored house and create a beautiful home atmosphere. Our company offers not only plastic windows, but also various accessories and assembly is a matter of course with us.
Choose from a wide range of different colours. We also offer you to incorporate parapets for each interior. Our parapets will become the adornment of every room of your beautiful house, a place to postpone the flowers and other little things that create the atmosphere of your home. Order your plastic windows with us and you will never regret it.
Take advantage of our discounts
Come and save us! We appreciate our customers and regularly prepare interesting events for them. Our company has excellent quality certificates and offers warranty and post-warranty service for all customers. Plastic windows from us will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

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Textile printing

Secure your textile printing with a company that offers not only promotional items for direct sale, but with the use of its services you are guaranteed that the print will be done excellently, durable and according to the specifications you will require.
Textile printing

We will arrange for you textile printing to the extent you want. If you require, we can also arrange embroidery and commonplace is the possibility of buying advertising textiles of all possible designs, from T-shirts, sweatshirt, polo shirts, trousers to hats, work clothes and other kinds of textiles.
100% Inventory Availability

Our advertising t-shirts are always in stock, so ensuring the textile printing is nothing challenging and we can arrange it quickly and well, contact us, we will be happy for you or your client to arrange everything you require.

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You broke your car?

Car rental

You need an occasional automobile, but is it rather an exception? So you don't want to take your own car? No need. We are the cheapest car rental in the Czech Republic and the car will lend you whether you are a company or a private person. We operate throughout our country.
Car rental

You broke your car, or you're just temporarily unmounted for some reason, and you can't imagine it without a car? Car Rental is here for you under every condition. With us it never closes, you can rent a car with us 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We are all over the Czech Republic

The car rental allows you to rent a car and take it anywhere. Our cars do not have any advertising and thanks to this, no one knows that the car is borrowed. You can borrow from us from ordinary cars, luxury terrain vehicles.

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Who wouldn’t like her

Ice cream

In the cold summer, we despair, what's in the weather. In hot weather, we sweat again and we are very warm. It's just that the weather doesn't take us any more, whether it's such a poppy. When it's cold, we put on a warm tea and don't play hot soup. Cold fruit soup, ice drink, ice cream and ice creams will freshe us up in too much heat.
Ice cream

Those are usually so much to choose from, that a while you have to think about which kinds of ice creams you give. It's easy for a scoop, so you'll get as many cups as you want. You can solve this with the scramed.
Ice-cream parties

Who has the time to sit in a pastry shop and is a little gourmet, let him order a cup with fruit, whipped cream, icing, with a dip, with roasted nuts or almonds. But the list of all options from the world of ice cream is far from finite. Go there and see for yourself.

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Our company ROLLO would like to offer you our multifunctional shutters integro. They are made of high quality aluminum. The blind is composed of individual blades that form a single unit. We carry out assembly and repairs. Our product has a long-term warranty period, for which you have a free service. After warranty service is already a matter of course.

The blinds we offer can protect you against burglation, noise, light (can be fairly well regulated up to full darkness) or weather conditions (strong winds or hail may damage your windows). The great advantage of our roller blinds is the fact that it is a very good thermal regulator. It can prevent up to 40% of heat loss, so you could use some other way to save money on the room.


Visit our website to learn more about the technology specifications of our products.

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Accommodation Mountains

Modern mountain hotels, romantic chalets and cottages, large well-known holiday resorts or romantic cozy guesthouses in the retreat-all this and much more offers our site accommodation mountains all year round. Our services regularly use many satisfied customers every year at any time.
Accommodation the mountains through our services will save you time by searching and large expenses for your holiday. The possibility of using a simple non-binding booking form will tell us your wishes and ideas. We will contact you immediately and we believe that we can find the right accommodation of the mountains according to your wishes.

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High quality from us

How about buying new in your company? If you have selected somewhere else, at least look at our eshop, where you will surely choose every customer. The choice is huge, prices favorable, what more do you wish.

Office chairs fit in every company and for every employee, because everyone has to sit. In order to be well-known in our huge offer, we offer you a clear division where the office chairs are better and more accurately divided.
How can I pay?

It's up to you how you pay for your purchase. For example, you use a C.O.D. payment when you hand over the goods, advance the prepayment invoice, or invoice with a maturity date. This way you will pay us not only office chairs. And that's a good choice, don't you think?

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Conference chairs quickly and easily

Conference chairs easily and quickly, without the need for unnecessary loss of time and effort with the avoidance of trades. That it's impossible? It is not, if you contact the offer of our company.
For you it means having Internet on your computer and knowing the right internet link. If you meet these conditions, you can take your purchase directly to a table in your office. Choose a conference chair from our offer, which is really wide and will fulfill the demands of the most demanding and the price, which in this case is very advantageous.
Everything over the Internet?
Can you buy everything online today? We know that the conference chair is YES! Make your order comfortably, and our company will bring you the type of goods you have chosen to the address where you choose and absolutely free of charge. In addition, the seven year warranty is also one of the many benefits, so feel free to try it!

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